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12G / 4K / SDI / HDMI Video Generator-Analyzer

Industrial PC with SDI / HDMI Interfaces, VideoQ Test Patterns Library and VQMA Analyzer & Scope

  • VQTS-4K is a self-contained solution, combining:
    • 12G SDI / HDMI player/recorder - based on BM DeckLink 4K 12G hardware
    • Built-in RAID storage - uncompressed AV signals in and out, up to 3920x2160p60
    • Visual, instrumental and automated tests using VQL Test Patterns Library
    • Sophisticated image quality VQMA software analyzer - complete quality report in 2 seconds
    • Pre-installed VQV Viewer-Analyzer
    • Powerful SW suite for easy video editing ana capture/playout control: BM Media Express
  • Ideal tool for development labs, software developers and high volume manufacturers
  • Easy-to-use tool, instantly revealing your video camera, codec, scaler, converter or other video device performance
  • User-selectable reporting modes:
    • machine-readable file with Pass/Fail marks
    • detailed multi-page PDF document

========= Target Applications =========

  • Engineering & Development of video systems and devices
  • QA/QC of broadcast, prosumer and consumer video systems with HDMI and/or SDI connectivity
  • Teleconference systems installation & calibration
  • CDN and IPTV systems QA/QC

========= Player/Recorder Features =========

  • Fast and effective tool for 12G SDI//HDMI equipment testing and video data fidelity verification
  • Playout, live preview and multi-frame capture of video and audio data in a variety of formats
  • Output and capture original uncompressed video material data – bit by bit, pixel by pixel, frame by frame
  • 2 x 12Gb/s SD/HD/2K/4K SDI and 2 x Optical I/O, 2 x HDMI type A I/O up to 2160p60

=========== VQMA Features =========

  • Auto-analysis on the companion VQMA Matrix Test Pattern
  • Versatile VQMA Test Pattern formats: Optical Chart, File, Test Signal, Test Stream
  • Resolutions supported: from 192 x 108 to 4096 x 3072
    • Multi-frame YUV, multi-frame BMP, variety of compressed and uncompressed formats
  • Built-in Software Scope: YUV/RGB waveform monitor
  • VQMA Analyzed Parameters:
    • Geometry: Scaling, Position, Tilt, Keystone
    • Levels: Black, White, Color Balance, Gamma
    • H & V Shading (Levels Spatial Uniformity)
    • Frequency Response: in dBs vs. scalable tvl
    • UV vs. Y Gain (Color Saturation)
    • K-rating on needle pulse
    • Noise Analysis: Noise image display, Y,U,V,R,G,B SNRs, Y spectral density, Y,R,G,B Histograms

====== Related VideoQ Products =====

– Multi-resoltion Video Quality Analyzer, frame size up to 4096x3072
– YUV and BMP files Player/Viewer/Analyzer/Converter

Legacy Products:
VQTS-300 – HDMI / DP Stream & Video Quality Test System, VQMA3 SW
VQTS-200 – HDMI / SDI HD Video Quality Test System, VQMA3 SW
VQTS-100 – NTSC / PAL Video Quality Test System, VQMA2 SW