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VQPT & Media Ambit ™
Metadata Usage Example


Example of audio levels analysis by VQLMN


Examples of captions files analysis by VQCFA

VQV Output Options

Example of HDR video light levels analysis by VQPLA

VideoQ Productivity Tools
Unattended program modules for Windows/Mac/Linux platforms
that make metadata files, plots, and images
required for databases & orchestrators

Learn more about VQPT and Media Ambit ™ workflows:

Advanced Metadata Acquisition & Usage Presentation

VQPT suite entry level modules:

    • VQMINFO Media File Info Report Generator

    • VQBIF - BIF (Base Index Frames) Files Verifier

    • VQBLA Bitrate Ladder Analyzer

    • VQCFA Captions Files Analyzer

    • VQFTC Frame Types Classifier

    • VQLMN Loudness Meter & Normalizer

    • VQLPC Loudness Profiles Correlator

    • VQPLA Picture Levels Analyzer

========= Target Applications =========

  • Essential tools for Ambit-based automated and automation-assisted workflows
  • Engineering, Research & Development of video systems and devices
  • CDN and IPTV systems QA/QC

========= VQPT Features =========

  • VQPT modules open and decode wrapped and/or compressed video/audio/image/text media files
    (all formats supported by FFMPEG)
  • VQPT modules produce machine-readable reports in JSON format
  • Also they produce plot images suitable for human operator
  • VQPT modules provide for robot-assisted human decision-making tools
  • Automated and manual control of optimized video and audio processing/conversion
  • Automated and manual quality assurance and quality control tools
  • Notify machines, people and dashboards in automated workflows
  • VQPT modules are compatibile with VQCP - Video QC player for human review and supervision